A franchisee is a person or company that is granted a license to do business under a Kagus’s trademark, trade name, and business model in a certain area. Franchising is a system for expanding a business and distributing goods and services to meet higher consumer demand. It’s based on a relationship between the brand owner and the local operator to skillfully and successfully extend an already established business system. Franchisees are small business owners who operate franchises, or businesses granted the rights to use the Kagus’s(licensor’s) method of doing business and trademark to offer, sell, or distribute goods, services, or commodities. .

How will Franchisee Work:

A franchisee has four major responsibilities for the success of the system in which they are granted a franchise:
1. To protect the franchised brand by operating the business in strict compliance with system operating standards
2. To build a strong and loyal customer base by offering only approved products and services and by providing superior customer service
3. To ensure that all employees are properly trained and the franchise is properly staffed at all times
4. To advertise and promote the franchise and its approved products and services according to the guidelines provided by the franchisor

Kagus intends to appoint franchisee, who shall be responsible for carrying forward the business s plan if the company. The franchisee can be taken from Kagus by registering with Kagus as a franchisee, for a prescribed franchisee fee .The Franchisee shall pay to the Company the royalty based on business output. And the output generated minus the royalty shall be the business profit of the franchisee.

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