Commercial Service Center


A service centric vision includes elements of process, technology, roles/responsibilities and organizational structure that work together to form a service value chain – a set of interdependent capabilities that deliver value to your customers and the associated business constituency.

We have a Customer-centric approach in doing business that focuses on providing a positive customer experience both at the point of sale and after the sale in order to drive profit and gain competitive advantage.


We deliver extraordinary service consistently. From our world vision/view, extraordinary service occurs when we fulfill a customer need in ways that are:

1) RELEVANT: giving the customer what the customer cares about right now
2) EASY AND CONSISTENT: reliable and painless the first time, every time, and across all channels
3) SPEEDY: it respects your customer’s time, and
4) SECURE: it protects your customer and their data

Customer Services

• Our first priority is Safety.
• To enhance and establish a professionally sound identity.
• To operate the existing Fleet System in a manner that establishes it as a centre of excellence.
• To provide a lead to the indigenous Industry in finding of the best transport solution.
• To hire qualified and professional staff for working
• To operate business with good and safe vehicles.
Our working activities based on different department which lead by professional staff.